27 Star-Spangled, Flag-Waving Knives That Reduce Nice

You want a knife. Everybody wants a knife. these plastic zip ties that you could’t get the scissor blade below which can be lashing down the brand new grill spatula? Yeah, these. You want a knife for that. You understand how it aggravates your sense of order if you’re compelled to tear into the plastic shrink-wrapped to your case of water bottles? A pleasant slit down the middle retains the bottles upright with none ugly stretches or ragged openings. You understand how you attempt to open impossible-to-open snack luggage along with your tooth, as a result of who carries scissors, and the appear causes a vertical tear? Yeah, that. You want a knife for that. However what all of us want proper now are some star-spangled, flag-waving knives that minimize nice!

6 Picks From True North Knives’ Freedom Assortment

We’ll begin with six picks from the Freedom Assortment assembled by True North Knives. Typically these fashions can be found with totally different choices, and naturally they’re made proper right here within the USA. Maker warranties cowl defects, however not abuse, so keep in mind, it’s a knife, not a hammer or a pry bar.

Brian Fellhoelter's Freedom Frikkie is available at True North Knives.
Brian Fellhoelter’s Freedom Frikkie has a 1 3/4-inch blade of stone-washed CPM 154 metal. The body is stone-washed titanium. Total size is 4 1/8-inch, general weight, 1.27 ounces. Maker’s record value: $180. Contact: www.truenorthknives.com.
Brian Naeau's Freedom Hurricane Flipper is available through True North Knives.
Three-time recipient of the BLADE Present Knife of the 12 months Customized Greatest Folder, Mind Nadeau provides the Freedom Hurricane Flipper to True North Knives’ Freedom Assortment. 9 1/8 inches general, it has a 4-inch blade product of hand-rubbed CPM S35VN. The deal with is titanium. Maker’s record value: $1250. Contact: True North Knives.
The Chris Reeve Flag 21 model is part of True North Knives' Freedom Collection.
Chris Reeve’s contribution to the True North Knives Freedom Assortment is the Flag 21 model of the Sebenza 21. The three-inch blade is made with CPM S35VN stainless-steel in a tanto design. The polished titanium body sports activities an anodized flag sample. Makers record value: $425. Contact: True North Knives.
Rich Hinderer's Harpoon Spanto-bladed XM-18 folder is obtainable through True North Knives.
Rich Hinderer’s XM-18 Flipper is one other knife within the True North Knives’ Freedom Assortment. The CPM 20CV blade is completed in Hinderer’s Harpoon Spanto design and measures 3.5 inches. The body is titanium and measures 8.25 inches. Maker’s record value: $650. Contact: True North Knives.
Jake Hoback's Freedom Open Source Folder, OSF, is available through True North Knives.
True North Knives’ Freedom Assortment consists of Jake Hoback’s Freedom OSF (Open Supply Folder). The three.5-inch blade is made out of CPM S35VN stainless-steel in a modified sheepfoot design. Total size is 8.75 inches, general weight, 6.4 ounces. Body is titanium. Maker’s record value: $550. Contact: True North Knives.
Michael Zieba's S1 Mini rounds out the Freedom Collection at True North Knives.
We spherical out the True North Knive’s Freedom Assortment with Michael Zieba’s S1 Mini. The two 5/8-inch blade is made with M390 tremendous stainless-steel. Total it measures 6 inches and weights 2.288 ounces. The body is titanium. Maker’s record value: $395. Contact: True North Knives.

21 Patriotic Cutters From Customized Makers Throughout The USA

These customized cutters could take longer to obtain, however that’s as a result of they’re all made separately within the outlets of hard-grinding knifemakers who generally have day jobs. They’re definitely worth the wait and could have you hitting each notice of “The Star Spangled Banner” if you see how they minimize.

Eric Luther uses Warlock Custom to Cerekote his Warnaught folder.
The Warnaught by Eric Luther has a S35VN blade, full titanium frames, clip and backspacer, and ceramic detent and bearings. The customized Cerakote is by Warlock Custom. Maker’s record value: $700. Contact: [email protected] or be a part of Eric Luther Knives on Fb.
Triple Deuces Knives offers the Regulator with a titanium framelock and custom Cerekote.
Brent Chumbley of Triple Deuces Knives made this Regulator with a 3-inch blade product of Bohler N690 metal. The titantium framelock deal with’s customized Cerakote job is by Chad Waldow. Total size is 7 1/4 inches. Maker’s record value: $510. Contact Brent Chumbley on Fb at Triple Deuces Knives and on Instagram at triple_deuces_knives.
Matthew Nolan is a disabled veteran who makes knives and other items at Angry Beaver Knives.
The Beaver Tooth by Matthew Nolan of Indignant Beaver Knives, has a Scandi V-ground 3 1/2-inch blade made out of W2 metal and acid etched with a flag design. The deal with is a
Rob Carper Innovations patriot pink pine cone in white and blue resin. Maker’s record value: $275 with Kydex sheath, $325 with leather-based. Contact: Matthew A. Nolan, [email protected], 518-791-2551 or on Fb at Angry Beaver Knives.
Mill Creek Knives offers this camp knife with "We the people" scales for
Cody Wheeler of Mill Creek Knives calls this his Metal Bridge Camp mannequin. The metal is a Nicholson American file with CARVex “We the folks” scales by VP5. The three-inch blade has a flat grind. Maker’s record value: $225. Contact Cody Wheeler at [email protected], on Fb at Mill Creek Knives and on Instgram @millcreek_knives.
Spencer Aplin of STA Custom Knives carves his blades.
Spencer Aplin of STA Customized Knives made the 9-inch blade for this American Glory out of star feather-pattern metal from HHH Damascus and Knives. The fittings are nickel silver and the deal with materials is stabilized and double-dyed California buckeye burl. Maker’s record value: $2000. Contact Spencer Aplin at www.stacustomknives.com.
This tanto-blade knife by Dustin Driver has a tanto-designed blade.
The Driver Protection Toxin has a 3.5-inch tanto blade made out of S35VN. The knife is 7.5 inches general with jigged and dyed blue bone scales with bone bolster and pink G10 liner and spacer. Maker’s record value: $250. Contact Dustin Driver at Driver Defense on Fb.
Jack Keith at Dunnattar Forge Knifeworks made this 13-inch chef's knife.
This 13-inch chef knife by Jack Keith of Dunnottar Forge Knifeworks has an partially flat-ground 8-inch blade made out of CPM 154 that’s completed with a hole grind and satin end. The deal with is stacked maple and walnut veneer with a forged blue acrylic with white stars. Maker’s record value: $350. Contact Jack Keith at www.dunnottarforge.com.
The Karma by Kastaway Custom Living was inspired by a real-world self-defense situation.
The Karma by Jase White at Kastaway Customized Dwelling was impressed by a real-world self-defense state of affairs. The knuckles are within the CPM S30V blade relatively than the deal with, which is product of 1095 carbon metal. Maker’s record value: $50. Contact: Jase White at 423-453-9793, [email protected] or message at Kastaway Custom Living on Fb.
Rich Richardson incorporated steel from the battleship USS Texas into this knife.
Wealthy Richardson made this for a retired navy commander. The blade is a mixture of Devin Thomas Damascus metal in basket weave sample and metal from the battleship USS Texas. (Authentication was offered.) Total size is 9 inches. Deal with is stag with a mesquite spacer. Maker’s record value: $800. Contact Rich Richardson at [email protected] or message him on Fb.
Mammoth Creek Knives offers a triple-grind cleaver with Kirinite Patriot scale handle.
Jason Karl Glover of Mammoth Creek Knives made this 5 1/2-inch cleaver with triple grinds out of 1095 metal. The deal with is Kirinite Patriot scales. Total size is 11 inches. Maker’s record value: $375. Contact Jason Karl Glover at [email protected], name 801-540-7023 or message him on Fb at Mammoth Creek Knives.
JD Edwards crafted this set of combat knives for two combat veteran brothers.
JD Edwards hand-forged and hammer-finished this pair of fighters in 1095 carbon metal. The knives are 16 inches general with an 11-inch innovative. The deal with is product of bubinga wooden and fitted with brass pins.
The knives have been commissioned by a member of the family of two brothers who’re fight veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. Maker’s record value: $250 every. Contact: JD Edwards at [email protected] or message him on Fb at JD Edwards.
Bobby Toerck used Mental Co. Wavy American Flag to craft the handle for this knife.
Bobby Toerck made this trailing-point skinner with a 4.5-inch 1095 carbon metal blade, polished to a mirror end. The general size is 9 1/2 inches. The scales are normal with Wavy American Flag by Robert Belcher of Mental Co. Maker’s record value: $350. Contact Bobby Toerck at 903-812-1173 or message him on Fb at T4 Custom Knives.
Tom Jefferson's sheath with slide-out beer opener was made for James Huse's BBQ knife.
Tom, quick for Thomas, Jefferson of No Give up Holsters made this sheath with a slide-out beverage opener on the bottom to accompany “Cast In Fireplace” winner James Huse’s BBQ knife beneath. Contact Tom Jefferson on Fb at No Surrender Holsters.
James Huse ordered a custom sheath by No Surrender Holsters for his BBQ knife.
James Huse, “Forged In Fire” champion made this knife utilizing patterned metal from Alabama Damascus Steel. The blade is 9.5 inches, 14.5 general. The deal with is constituted of Patriot Kirinite. Maker’s record value: $700. Contact James Huse on Fb at Huse Knives.
The Bearded Blade made this knife with We the People CARVex scales.
Adam Rose of The Bearded Blade made this 4-inch blade from 1075 metal for a veteran who lately returned from Afghanistan. The deal with is constituted of We the Folks CARVex scales. Total size is 9 inches. Maker’s record value: $150. Contact Adam at [email protected], on Fb at The Bearded Blade or on Instagram @thebeardedblade.
This everyday carry by Sinister Knives is the perfect accompanyment to any Fourth of July cookout.
Clay Smith of Sinister Knives calls this mannequin the Battle Bean. The on a regular basis carry is a friction folder knife/ bottle opener, excellent as a BBQ buddy! The two-inch hollow-ground blade is made with W2 metal. The {hardware} and pivot pin are stainless and the liner and backspacer are aluminum. The deal with scales are by Voodoo Resins. Maker’s record value: $150. Contact: Clay Smith at Sinister Knives on Fb @bud809 on Instagram or e mail him at [email protected]
Dale White made this knife for a soldier in the US Army.
Dale White of White Made Knives in Sweetwater, Texas, made this 10-inch knife for a soldier. Each the employees sergeant and the knife did two excursions in Iraq. The blade is hollow-ground made out of 440C metal. The deal with is sand-blasted canvas Micarta. Maker’s record value: $350. Contact Dale White at [email protected] or on Fb at White Made Knives.
John Waltz's EDC tanto has a handle by JHue Custom Scales.
John Waltz of Edge7 Custom Knives made this on a regular basis carry tanto out of CPM3V. The hollow-ground blade is 3 inches and the knife is 7 inches general. The scales are from J Hue Customs. Maker’s record value: $275. Contact John Waltz by means of www.edge7customknives.com.
Patriot Horde Knives sells DaCleava with a matching Kydex sheath.
Jr. Madan of Patriot Horde Knives calls this mannequin DaCleava. The 4-inch blade is made out of 1095 metal with a flat grind. Total size is 9 inches. The deal with is normal with CARVex Wavy Flag scales, fitted with brass pins and lanyard tube. Maker’s record value: $250 with Kydex sheath. Contact Jr Maden or Patriot Horde Knives on Fb.
Denny Furey of Furey Combat Knives Unlimited makes the Americana with Patriot Kirinite handle.
Denny Furey of Furey’s City Fight Knives Limitless makes use of excessive carbon 1095 metal to make the Americana. The knife is 7.5 inches general with a 3.25-inch blade with delicate hamon. There’s file work on the backbone, and the bolster and pommels are 410 stainless-steel. The deal with is normal from Patriot Kirinite scales. Maker’s record value: $300 shipped with Kydex sheath with {hardware} and embossed makers mark. Contact Denny Fury at [email protected], 405-642-2198 or at Furey’s Urban Combat Knives – Unlimited on Fb.
Tim Lambkin does meticulous filework inside and out on his folding knives.
Tim Lambkin of Chops Knives hand makes every thing on The Patriot Folding Lockback. The general size is 8 1/8 inches. The three 1/4-inch blade is made with pattern-welded stainless-steel by Chad Nichols. The deal with scales are mammoth tooth with anodized titanium bolsters and pommels. Filework in every single place, in and out, is completed by Tim. Maker’s record value: $1950. Contact Tim Lambkin at [email protected] or on Fb at Tim Lambkin (Chops Knives).
Barefoot Custom Knives has its big-vine filework, this time filled with red resin.
Shane Barefoot of Barefoot Customized Knives affords the Competitors Chopper mannequin in 3/4 measurement. Total size is 13 inches. The flat-ground blade is made with 52100 metal. The deal with is made with blue-and-red-dyed maple burl. Barefoot Customized Knives big-vine filework is full of pink resin. Maker’s record value: $450. Contact Shane Barefoot at 864-444-7410 or go to www.barefootcustomknives.com.



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