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Serrated edges are harder to sharpen – however is there a better approach?

Correctly sharpening a knife might be harder than most individuals notice. Kitchen knives are delicate instruments, regardless of being fabricated from arduous metal. The delicate blade edge dulls with every use, and improper use and abuse can uninteresting that blade even faster.

Whetstone sharpening is one of the best ways to sharpen knives with straight edges, however this methodology received’t work for serrated edges. Utilizing a whetstone on a serrated knife will solely grind down its serrations, making it extra like a daily chef’s knife – clearly defeating the aim.

Serrated knives require particular sharpening instruments and strategies, which is why sustaining the sharpness of a full set of kitchen knives might be an particularly demanding activity for the house chef. However if you happen to comply with the following tips – and follow, follow, follow – you’ll be sharpening your kitchen knives like a professional very quickly.

What’s a Serrated Knife, Precisely?

Any knife with chainsaw-like “enamel” alongside the reducing fringe of the blade is a thought-about a serrated knife. The reducing motion of a serrated blade is completely different than that of a straight-edged knife, because it’s designed to “noticed” by means of robust meals with out crushing delicate interiors, like crusty loaves of bread.

In the case of the serrated edge, there are a number of differing types:

  • Traditional Serrated: The basic serrated blade has a lot of small, teeth-like factors. This blade type is meant to uninteresting extra slowly than different sorts, but it surely does so on the expense of reducing energy.
  • Scalloped. Scalloped blades characteristic a smaller variety of bigger, rounded serrations alongside the reducing fringe of the blade, together with rounded indentations that push in the direction of the sharp edge from the blade’s vertical axis. These knives get pleasure from extra “chew”, making them simpler to make use of on all kinds of meals.
  • Double-Serrated. Some knives layer a set of serrations inside the blade’s current serration sample. This fractal-like double-serration is meant to supply the very best of each worlds between basic, rounded suggestions and sharper, scalloped suggestions, however few skilled cooks truly go for these sorts of knives over the less complicated choices.
  • Wavy Serrated. Wavy blade suggestions should not pointed in any respect however resemble the medieval flamberge wielded by Mel Gibson within the 1995 movie Braveheart. These knives can outperform basic serrated knives for some functions, however typically fail to ship versatile efficiency.

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Why Use a Serrated Knife at All?

Most cooks use serrated knives for reducing bread, tomatoes and cooked steak, however the utility of a serrated edge goes past simply these three choices. Every serrated knife kind has all kinds of makes use of that it handles uniquely properly.

Bread Knives

F.N. Sharp Bread Knife with bruschetta

Regardless of its title, the bread knife is definitely probably the most versatile knives in a chef’s cutlery set. The curvy, serrated edge is good for slicing by means of muffins and fluffy bread with out making a large number of them like a uninteresting, straight-edged knife would possibly. However the bread knife isn’t only for bread – it truly has many other uses, like reducing by means of smooth citrus fruits and thick-skinned melons and pineapples.

Steak Knives

F.N. Sharp Steak Knives

Most individuals have a tendency to tell apart steak knives by searching for serrations on the reducing fringe of the blade – however ought to steak knives actually be serrated? At F.N. Sharp, we imagine the very best steak knives include a straight edge vs. the widespread serrated edge. In contrast to serrated blades, a razor-sharp straight edge slices proper by means of meats with out tearing the fibers, leading to a a lot smoother, cleaner reduce – and extra juices in your meat than in your plate.  When you want proof, then seize a set of F.N. Sharp Steak Knives and take a look at experimenting with this recipe for T-Bone Steak and Potatoes with Espagnole Sauce. When you’re not impressed, you possibly can return them for a full refund with our 100-day money-back assure.

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Utility Knives

F.N. Sharp Steak Knives

Utility knives additionally put a premium on versatility. Like a chef’s knife, the utility knife is a multipurpose tool with many uses. Any meals that doesn’t have a devoted knife of its personal will most likely see the utility knife earlier than every other. Its small dimension additionally makes it perfect for fast presentation jobs, like reducing sandwiches earlier than inserting them on a platter, or slicing Italian cured meats for a charcuterie board or this antipasto crostini recipe. Similar to steak knives, utility knives might be serrated or non-serrated, however right here at F.N. Sharp, we like our utility knife (pictured above) to be identical to our steak knives – straight-edged and prepared for enterprise.

The best way to Sharpen a Serrated Knife

How to sharpen a serrated knife

As we already talked about, since serrated knives don’t have a straight edge, they can’t be sharpened with a daily whetstone. As a substitute, specialised instruments exist for every kind of serrated knife.

Bread knives might be sharpened with a sharpening rod specifically designed for the knife blade – although this course of doesn’t actually “sharpen” your knife however fairly “hones” the reducing fringe of the blade to seem sharp. The diameter of the rod wants to suit completely contained in the blade’s serrated suggestions. In any other case, the sharpening course of merely received’t work – and you might simply destroy your knife.

Scalloped-edge bread knives solely should be sharpened on one aspect. The angle of the sharpening motion should to be excellent, and it have to be repeated for each single serration alongside the leading edge, which is usually a time-consuming activity.

For utility and steak knives that always have straight-edged parts, this course of is simply half the battle. The serrated sharpening course of solely applies to the serrated portion of the blade, whereas the remainder have to be sharpened utilizing a whetstone.

There are additionally specialised sharpening instruments that use a sequence of triangular whetstones for sharpening serrated blades. Units like these remove the necessity to search for particular diameter sharpening rods however have a tendency to supply outcomes a lot slower than sharpening straight-edged blades.

Are Serrated Knives Higher?

Serrated vs. Straight Edged Knives

Serrated knives do provide superior efficiency for particular reducing duties. It’s not possible to say that serrated or non-serrated knives are “higher”, besides with regard to the duty at hand.

In the case of reducing bread, a well-designed serrated knife with a scalloped edge will outperform virtually any straight-edged blade available on the market. The fluffier the bread is, the higher the serrated knife’s efficiency can be.

In the case of smooth fruits, serrated knives can even outperform straight-edged knives, however this additionally will depend on reducing approach. A non-serrated utility knife can ship wonderful tomato-cutting efficiency when the tip of the blade is pushed in first. The identical goes for steak knives, the place a well-designed straight-edged knife can simply outperform a lower-quality serrated knife.

Sharpening stays the principle space the place non-serrated knives are clearly superior to serrated knives. Whereas sharpening a straight-edged knife shouldn’t be a simple activity, it’s a lot less complicated than sharpening serrated knives because of the want for added instruments and the expense of the extra time wanted to individually sharpen each single serrated tip alongside the blade.

Save your self the time (and frustration) of studying how to sharpen your own kitchen knives and spend money on a set of exceptionally sharp knives with long-lasting edges, like what you’ll discover proper right here at F.N. Sharp.

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