What Can Be Accomplished About Hank the Tank?

Hank the tank black bear in california

Greater than 100 complaints have been filed about Hank since final summer season. Bear League

What to do with Hank?

That, it appears, is the issue. People in South Lake Tahoe, California, a gated neighborhood close to the Nevada border, have referred to as the police on their largest neighbor greater than 100 occasions since July. The authorities have responded by “hazing” the slow-moving fellow with Tasers, sirens, bean baggage, and paintballs, however no arrest has been made.

Why? As a result of Hank is a black bear. A big black bear. A very massive black bear. A 500-pounder. He’s identified domestically, whether or not affectionately or not, as “Hank the Tank.”

And there’s a motive why Hank weighs 100-plus kilos greater than the typical male black bear. He’s what the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) calls “severely food-habituated.” It means Hank has highly effective hankerings for human meals, such that he has largely deserted his pure dietary predilections and as a substitute associates folks with entry to the good things, whereas additionally abandoning his pure concern of people.

Because the summer season, Hank has damaged into greater than two dozen houses locally, usually utilizing his sheer dimension to interrupt by way of doorways and home windows. “It’s simpler to search out leftover pizza than to go within the forest,” says Peter Tira, a spokesperson for the CDFW.

However some of us in South Lake Tahoe had been getting fed up. Wildlife officers thought of euthanasia and set traps to catch Hank. However the authorities deserted the hassle after somebody painted the phrases ”Bear Killer” on a lure.

“It’s how the neighborhood feels,” Ann Bryan of the Bear League said. “They don’t want the bear to pay the worth for human ignorance. So when a bear is about to die of their neighborhood, folks take a stand.”

A city assembly ensued. The Bear League and the state agreed that Hank shouldn’t be moved to a different location since he didn’t know the way to hunt. Residents lobbied the CDFW to take Hank to an out-of-state sanctuary, however the company couldn’t establish one that will accommodate Hank in compliance with their Black Bear Policy.

So, Hank continues to be food-habituating and the issue stays: What to do with Hank? However Bryan and the CDFW do agree on the humane resolution, summarized within the state company’s on-line useful resource, Keep Tahoe Bears Wild

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