Truck Gun: A Scarred Smith & Wesson Mannequin 64

If you wish to show as soon as and for all that your gun means no extra to you than a hammer in your workbench, etch your model into it with a Dremel software. That’s precisely what somebody did to the aspect plate of my truck gun, as soon as upon a time. I couldn’t see the art work at first, however that was a ploy by the gun store proprietor who had the revolver on the market. It was sitting underneath glass with its good aspect up—and marked with a suspiciously low price ticket.

It might’ve gone unnoticed with out the value tag, as a result of it was a Smith & Wesson Mannequin 64, the stainless Ok-frame navy and police revolver with mounted sights—one of the vanilla handguns ever made. Image the archetypal 4-inch .38 six-shooter carried by uniformed regulation enforcement again within the ’70s and ’80s. The gun is so boring, the truth is, that California has by no means outlawed it, and at one time it was even approved for responsibility use by the NYPD.

That doesn’t imply it isn’t an excellent gun—and I’m a sucker for any double-action revolver. So I requested to take a look. The man behind the counter opened the cylinder and slowly turned the gun to the place I may see the opposite aspect. The engraving was immediately revealed like a tattoo in swimsuit season. The man defined that the revolver was a trade-in from a non-public safety firm, which had evidently etched within the officer’s badge quantity. Hurriedly, it seemed like.

“That may be the ugliest gun I’ve ever seen,” I stated. However the 64 Smith was clear, and it locked up tight, and because the asking worth wasn’t a lot, I paid it on the spot. Later that day, I took it to a woodlot the place I typically hunted squirrels, and I lined up some cans at 25 yards. With 158-grain semi-wadcutters, it shot like an extension of my hand. I caught it within the glove field of my work truck, and it’s kind of lived there since then.

That’s, besides when it turns into my tractor gun. Coyotes on this a part of the nation have realized that the sound of a tractor and mower means a smorgasbord of maimed rodents. They’ll come proper to it, like bears working towards gunshots to steal downed deer and elk. A number of farmers preserve rifles useful for this, however that may be problematic. My father-in-law as soon as bumped the inventory of his .22 rifle and watched it bounce proper off the aspect of the tractor, beneath the again tire, and into the rotary cutter, which barely choked whereas chewing it into three mangled items.

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You quit some vary with a handgun, nevertheless it stays in a holster, safe till it’s wanted. And the Mannequin 64 is ideal. Coyotes loping alongside at 25 yards are in bother, plus, after I have to knock unfastened a rusty hitch pin, I can unload my revolver and wield it like a hammer. The gun has seen worse, and it has the engraving to show it.

This story was initially revealed in issue no. 3, vol. 126 of Discipline & Stream.

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