5 Suggestions for Shaving Your Head with a Security Razor

5 Tips for Shaving Your Head with a Safety Razor

Shaving your head shouldn’t be a chore. Years in the past I began shaving my head, and since then I’ve made numerous errors, discovered numerous classes, and tried an enormous number of shaving merchandise for smoothing out my dome. These 5 suggestions, based mostly on my private experiences, will aid you get essentially the most out of your security razor when shaving your head.

5 Suggestions for Shaving Your Head with a Security Razor

1 Prep, prep, prep!

Heat towel, preshave, and a proper cream are your finest associates. The softer your hair is, the simpler your blade will lower by means of that stubble. Get that hair delicate with a sizzling, damp towel utilized to the pores and skin for a minute or two earlier than the shave, or shave immediately after a bathe. Higher but, do each!

You possibly can additional soften your hair with an excellent preshave gel or oil and a shaving cream. These may also lubricate your noggin, which is equally essential to an excellent shave. I like a preshave oil as a result of it makes issues further slick, and I observe with an enormous fluffy lather. Whereas a brushless shaving cream, like Schaf, will work fantastic, you’re higher off utilizing a proper shaving brush and shaving cream. The comb will exfoliate your pores and skin whilst you lather, and make these hair even softer, lifting them into the lather and stopping ingrown hairs in a single easy movement.

2 Use contemporary blades, and alter them usually.

Safety Razor blades are fairly cheap, it’s one of many issues we like finest about them. In case you begin to discover them tugging in any respect, particularly in any case that prep, pop your blade out and eliminate it safely in a blade bank, then load in a brand new razor. I modify my Feather blade each couple shaves.

On that notice, you’ll additionally need to experiment with totally different blades. The pores and skin in your head is comparatively powerful in comparison with your face, so I’d counsel beginning with some Kent of Inglewood Milds, then transferring as much as Kai, Feather, Personna, and Merkur when you get slightly confidence.

3 Know your melon.

Be sure you have a stable road-map of your noggin earlier than you get to shaving. Understanding all of the nooks and crannies and any issues that may not need to stumble upon the razor’s edge will go an extended method to stopping nicks. Give your head an excellent really feel whenever you apply your preshave, and attempt to maintain a psychological notice of any irregular spots. Don’t fear, all of us have them. When you’ve performed your first go, really feel round once more to seek for low spots you could have missed. It’ll be rather a lot to recollect at first, however quickly it turns into second nature!

4 Hold a styptic pencil or alum block on the prepared.

Oopsies occur, so be prepared to scrub up any small nicks or cuts that occur as a part of the training course of (or a rushed shave whenever you’re working late). You may take a left as a substitute of a proper due to the mirror, you may not change your blade quickly sufficient, you may simply be transferring too quick. Alum blocks tidy up little nicks by constricting blood vessels and slowing the stream. They’re additionally an excellent antibacterial therapy. Styptic pencils are good for these susceptible to extra severe scrapes, maybe a rogue mole that at all times will get in the way in which. They clot blood, stopping the stream in its tracks.

5 Most significantly, benefit from the course of.

Particularly whenever you’re studying, take your time. The shaving course of will be very meditative and enjoyable, heck, half the rationale I exploit all this fancy shave gear is as a result of it is enjoyable! Permit your self to be renewed and invigorated by the expertise, you’ll look nice whenever you’ve completed!

I hope this helps you grasp your new head-shaving razor. When you get the cling of it, you’ll by no means return, however it may possibly take a couple of tries to get proper. In case you’re nonetheless not fairly there, take a look at our different articles on shaving, go to us in particular person for recommendation, or message us on-line and we’ll be comfortable to assist!

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