Ammo Overview: Remington Core-Lokt Tipped 6.5 Creedmoor

F&S Bullet Lab is a brand new sequence during which taking pictures editor Richard Mann will probably be testing the preferred looking bullets in the marketplace by firing them into Clear Ballistics gelatin to foretell their terminal efficiency within the area—and finally, that can assist you select the very best bullet on your looking. First up is the Remington Core-Lokt Tipped in 6.5 Creedmoor.

When Remington was acquired by Vista Open air in 2020, one of many first issues they did was replace their well-known Core-Lokt bullet by including a polymer tip. Given the recognition of the Core-Lokt, I made a decision to check this new model, in 6.5 Creedmoor, for our first F&S Bullet Lab. Very like the Creedmoor, authentic Remington Core-Lokt bullets are both beloved or hated. They’ve by no means been referred to as essentially the most correct bullet, and a few declare that at excessive velocity they are often overstressed. However additionally they have an incredible status within the deer woods.

At 6.5 Creedmoor velocities, the Core-Lokt is working in its candy spot. The brand new Tipped model of this bullet is meant to ship the identical efficiency on recreation that the unique Core-Lokt is understood for, however the tip will increase the bullet’s ballistic coefficient. This isn’t only a Core-Lokt bullet with a tip; it’s an all-together new bullet, and based mostly on my terminal efficiency testing in Clear Ballistics gel, and accuracy testing on paper, it seems to be like this may even be an all-round higher bullet than the unique.


I examined Remington’s 129-grain 6.5 Creedmoor Core-Lokt Tipped load out of the brand new Nosler Mannequin 21 rifle, which has a 22-inch Shilen barrel. I fired 9 photographs over a Caldwell G2 chronograph and the utmost velocity deviation was a really respectable 36 feet-per-second, with a typical velocity deviation of solely 13.6 feet-per-second. For manufacturing facility ammunition, that is about pretty much as good because it will get, particularly with looking ammunition. What this implies is that at prolonged ranges, vertical stringing will probably be minimal. Simply as vital and spectacular was the load’s common velocity of 2875 fps, which is quick for a manufacturing facility a 129-grain 6.5 Creedmoor load.

6.5 Creedmoor Remington Core-Lokt Tipped


To determine how correct this load could possibly be anticipated to shoot, I fired three, three-shot teams out of the Nosler rifle off a sandbag relaxation at 100 yards. The rifle was scoped with a Tract Toric 2.5-15X44 scope set at most magnification, and the typical for these three teams was 1.26 inches. This isn’t by any means distinctive, however it isn’t horrible. I’ve finished quite a lot of big-game looking all around the world with rifles and rounds that delivered this stage of precision. For giant-game looking, it’s completely ample for reaching out so far as 400 yards. In fact, precision is a product of the rifle and ammunition collectively; this load might shoot higher or worse out of your rifle. If you happen to like all the things else about this spherical and it’s bullet’s efficiency, it positively definitely worth the value of a 20-round field to seek out out.


A part of the attraction of the 6.5 Creedmoor is how flat it’s able to taking pictures. Nonetheless, the Creedmoor’s flat trajectory is extra a results of the excessive ballistic coefficient (BC) bullets it will probably use, versus velocity. The flattest-shooting Creedmoor hundreds can have a bullet with a BC larger than 0.500. The Core-Lokt Tipped bullet falls a bit wanting that, however its speediness helps some. With a 100-yard zero, this load’s bullet will drop about 4 toes beneath level of intention at 500 yards. However it’ll additionally retain sufficient velocity to supply good bullet upset out past 600 yards.

chart of ammo trajectory
A breakdown of the spherical’s exterior ballistics, together with trajectory. Richard Mann

Terminal Efficiency

Velocity, precision, and trajectory all matter, however nothing issues extra to hunters than terminal efficiency. It’s what the bullet does when it will get to the critter that counts essentially the most. As with conventional Core-Lokt bullets, the Tipped model dumps quite a lot of power in a short time. You may see this clearly within the video; take a look at how violently the primary block of Clear Ballistics reacts to bullet impression.

This excessive power dump comes partly from a bullet that deforms to a frontal diameter of greater than a 1/2-inch, however it’s additionally partly on account of materials loss, which contributes to power dump. Fired into the blocks of Clear Ballistics at 100 yards, the 129-grain bullet misplaced 41.4 grains (32 p.c) of its weight. Some assume this a nasty factor, and whereas the mixture of large bullet upset and weight reduction does negatively impression penetration, the payoff is an enormous wound cavity and quite a lot of shock to the animal. This goes an extended method to explaining why the Core-Lokt has been so widespread with deer hunters, as a result of that is simply what you need to drop deer shortly.

chart of ammo test results
This breakdown lists the entire measured outcomes of the bullet check, together with velocity, precision, and terminal ballistics knowledge. Richard Mann

The Core Lokt Tipped bullet pushed to a depth of 20 inches. That is about what you’d anticipate of a standard Core-Lokt bullet, and it ought to be greater than ample for any deer, wherever. It might most likely work splendidly on caribou as nicely. There’s no query that even greater recreation may fall to this bullet. Nonetheless, given {that a} raking shot could be all that you’re introduced with, for kudu- or elk-sized animals that even have bigger bones, somewhat extra penetration would supply an additional layer of consolation. However my guess is that the brand new Core-Lokt will probably be simply as widespread and trusted with deer hunters and the unique.

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